man hunting with his Argentinian Mastiffs
Hunting Sport

This vigor of the Dogo Argentino also gives it a certain speed in the mountains in relation to other hunting breeds. As it is able to endure the pricks and scratches of the brushes or the attacks of its prey, it can advance directly to the animal more rapidly than other dogs who are weakened by any injuries sustained.

A mountain dog ought to be silent, never barking while on the scent. It ought to be agile, strong, and long-suffering, which is equal to speed in the mountains. With a good nose, but a “scanter” , not a trailer, and completely courageous, the Dogo should be capable of fighting to the death, as has already occurred to them so many times.

Dog looking at away
Family Protection

An Innate Guarding, an instinct inherited from the Boxer and the Pyrenean Mastiff, the Dogo protects everything it considers as belonging to its owner: home, car, house, personal belongings, etc. It practically does not need to be trained as a guardian, on reaching a certain age both male and female automatically exhibit this quality. As a guard dog of property, it is the obverse of the general tendency of other breeds. If as has been well said, “a barking dog does not bite,” we could say of the Dogo that the reverse is true: When he has to , he bites without barking, or at least with very little noise. There is a distinct difference between having a Dogo Argentino as a guardian and having a dog of another breed: If a thief enters your house at night and you have any dog, you know there is a thief because the dog barks; if you have a Dogo, you know there is an intruder because he yells. The result is the same, but the thief receives his just punishment.

man with his white dogo argentino
Family Companion

In regard to the owner, the submission of the Dogo is total and absolute. He gives completely of himself to his owner, without reticence, conditions, or reserve. He belongs totally to him and his family, and he will be docile and affectionate with the whole family, with an inherent goodness comparable only to the most submissive Spaniels.

If any characteristic differentiates them, it is their extraordinary patience and gentleness with children. The Dogo responds fully according to how it is treated and displays to its owner qualities of docility, abnegation, fidelity, and devotion as the most endearing Spaniel. It is not a “one man dog”, as the English so assuredly call those animals who become so fond of one person that they bite all others, rather it is a family dog, not jealous in its affection and equally faithful to the owner, his wife, children, help, or family friends.

Dogo Argentino Kennel Club

The Dogo Argentino Kennel Club (D.A.K.C) was founded in 2017 and resolutely accredits the Dogo Argentino with being worthy of an independent canine registry club that upholds values, ethics, and standards of integrity.  

Characteristically then, it is not difficult to understand why the Dogo Argentino is rapidly becoming known as one of the most adored, athletically developed, naturally protective, and intelligent working class canine breeds in the world.

As an independent registry, D.A.K.C. has one common focus-keeping the Dogo pure, true, and distinctive. Our complete mission is to promote this superior breed globally with the ultimate goal of the Dogo being recognized as one of the foremost well-rounded canine breeds on the planet.

Love and passion for the  Dogo breed are amongst the cornerstone ethics upon which the  D.A.K.C. has been established. It is our collective mission to help propel the Dogo into an elite status that can satisfy and entertain Dogo lovers, owners, enthusiasts, and advocates internationally.

Any events, seminars, or shows hosted by the D.A.K.C. are designed to increase the breeds visibility, promote more public awareness through education about the breed, provide a platform through which breed standards can be established without compromise or prejudice, and stimulate through healthy competition an atmosphere wherein conformation and performance are equally as important. Members of D.A.K.C. considers it a privilege to promote a message of unity and respect amongst affiliates of this breed.

The Dogo Argentino will be the bridge that can restore and rechannel people’s faith in the fact that balanced, loyal, and secure canine companionship still exists throughout communities around the world.

This breed breathes new life into the words “dogs are man’s best friends”. Through D.A.K.C., “friends”, both human and canine, can join together for a common cause, to celebrate a canine masterpiece- the Dogo Argentino.

It is with an eagerness that the D.A.K.C. celebrates the superiority of the Dogo Argentino breed. We, with thankful hearts, are requesting your support as we endeavor to soar to new heights with the well-deserved honorary exposure of the DOGO breed. This is our time as a  global Dogo community, let’s seize it!

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