Welcome to the 1st Annual Hunting Competition & functionality seminar at Boss Hog Palooza.

This is the first hunting competition and functionality seminar on the Southeast and we look forward to exploring the functionality of the great Dogo Argentino.

You will have the opportunity to learn about the Dogo breed and its original function as a catch dog, hunter, and family protector.

There will be an educational seminar and hunting competition as well, featuring some of the top minds from Argentina. We look forward to seeing everyone at the event. 

Meet the Panel

Kevin Johnson

Kevin Johnson has been all over the world hunting big game. He has travelled internationally hunting some of the largest game you can find including Puma and exotic wild pigs in Africa. By far his favorite is hunting wild boar with dogs.

Julius Henry of World Class K-9

World Class K-9 has 25 years of experience with dog behavior modification, obedience and protection training. Julius will be discussing the importance of functionality when it comes to the temperament of the Dogo Argentino as a family companion and protector. World Class K-9 has imported dogs from all over the world noticing the various temperaments and what would be best for families.

Meet Bilo Functionality Judge for the Dogo Argentino

Bilo is one of the top minds in Argentina when it comes to the Dogo Argentino breed. He was born into a family of hunting and Bilo is a working judge for the Mother club of the Dogo in Argentina (Club Del Dogo Antonio Nores Martinez).


ALL VISITORS must go to registration table and sign waiver before entering the property

What To Expect

All visitors please bring your own lawn chairs. Food and drinks will be available for purchase.

Please Send Payments Via ZELLE using the email address below. 

Recipient Kevin Johnson

General admission per person with dog $100

General admission without dog $25 per person

Seminar $200

Hunting Competition $300